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  • Good Beer Guide Belgium

    The definitive, totally independent guide to understanding and finding the best that Belgian brewing has to offer – from beer festivals to cosy cafés, upmarket restaurants to brewery tours. The Guide is an essential companion for any visit to Belgium or for seeking out Belgian beer around the world.

    Whether you are travelling by train, bicycle, car or armchair, it will takes you to:

    • Over 900 beers form more than 200 breweries
    • 530 hand-picked cafés, bars, beer shops and bistros
    • The best festivals, brewery tours and museums of brewing
    • In-the-know travel advice for the independent tourist
    • Tips for drinking Belgian beer around the world

    Around Brussels in 80 Beers

    It’s been six years since this labour of love first appeared on bookshelves in Brussels, Britain, Boston and beyond. We sold all 4,000 copies and grew fat on the immense profits.

    Travel writers aim to be useful by reporting on the lay of the land. Problem is, the land won’t sit still. Months go by and a few places close their doors. A few new ones appear. One year a classic institution shuts, apparently for good. Two years later it reopens with new owners.

    Half of the 80 locations listed here – cafés, bars, shops, restaurants, museums, theatres and hostels – are new to this title. Where we struggled to find ones worthy of the first edition, the challenge this time around was narrowing them down without discarding excellence. So I have cheated and added a section – More to Explore – that outlines another 30 or so worth attention…

    Around Bruges in 80 Beers

    Is Bruges the prettiest city in Europe? Possibly. It certainly gets enough visitors, wandering around aimlessly just enjoying its streets. To feel above all that, join us as we guide you through Bruges’ other great strength – its cafés and restaurants, beer shops and bistros, showing off the finely crafted ales of the world’s top brewing nation.

  • Joe Stange is a freelance journalist whose words and photos have appeared among others in the New York Times, All About Beer, and Draft Magazine, where he is an editor. He began as an Associated Press newsman and eventually graduated to globetrotting, winding up in exotic places like Costa Rica, Berlin and Uccle. He co-author with Tim Webb of Good Beer Guide Belgium and nurses a fetishistic attraction to Brussels. His two children can discuss beer in four languages, so far.

    Tim Webb enjoys worldwide renown as the author of seven editions of Good Beer Guide Belgium (CAMRA Books) since 1992 and more recently co-author with Stephen Beaumont of The World Atlas of Beer. He co-wrote and edited the first edition of LambicLand, the book that led to the formation of Cogan & Mater in 2004 and has played the same role in its second edition. Tim lives in Bristol and rides a bicycle.

    Chris Pollard, known to all as Podge, has been a leading campaigner for better beer for 25 years, preferring the practical approach of organizing beer festivals and running a travel company ( that runs beer tours, mainly to Belgium. He was a founder of Cogan & Mater and co-authored its first book, LambicLand, in 2004.

    Siobhan McGinn shares her time between academic study, keeping Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours on the road and aiding the cause of Belgian brewing at some of the UK’s major beer festivals. Her knowledge of the backstreets and real life of Bruges is as unparalleled as her appreciation of its place in history.

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