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By Chris Pollard & Siobhan McGinn | Peter Sutcliffe

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  • Around Bruges in 80 Beers

    Chris Pollard, known to all as Podge, has been a leading campaigner for better beer for 25 years, preferring the practical approach of organizing beer festivals and running a travel company (podgebeer.co.uk) that runs beer tours, mainly to Belgium. He was a founder of Cogan & Mater and co-authored its first book, LambicLand, in 2004.

    Siobhan McGinn shares her time between academic study, keeping Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours on the road and aiding the cause of Belgian brewing at some of the UK’s major beer festivals. Her knowledge of the backstreets and real life of Bruges is as unparalleled as her appreciation of its place in history.

    Around Berlin in 80 Beers

    Peter Sutcliffe has shared his life between homes in London and Berlin for many years, having worked as a defence analyst and former NATO apparatchik. His interest in German beers goes back thirty years to his days as a student there in the early 1980s. Around Berlin in 80 Beers, compiled from his personal researches, is his first book.

  • Around Bruges in 80 Beers

    Welcome to one of the finest cities for beer, culture and food in all of Europe.

    Mediaeval Brugge, better known to many as Bruges, has attracted admirers over centuries, for it architecture, its atmosphere and its fabulous array of cafes and restaurants of all types.  In the 1980s it was one of the cradles of the craft beer revolution, showcasing Belgian beers to visitors who, inspired by what they tasted, went off to create their own adventures in brewing around the globe.

    Nobody knows the beer scene in Bruges better than Chris Pollard and Siobhan McGinn, whose guide to the best places for beer in this most hospitable of towns has been in constant production since 2006, being C&M’s second ever title and the first in the 80 Beers series.

    Follow their lead to find grand emporia serving hundreds of brews from the world’s original craft brewing nation, little local cafés with table football or a deaf Dalmatian, and superb eateries that match their menus to the beer list.

    All entries are handpicked from personal knowledge and based on merit alone.  We refuse all sponsorship or product placement and take no advertising - except for one the authors sneaked past the editor for their tour company, Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours.

    Around Berlin in 80 Beers

    There are few more seductive cities in the world than Berlin, the home of Frederick the Great and Count Otto van Bismarck, Kurt Weil and Sally Bowles and the place where Jesse Owens and Josef Goebbels reached the peak of their fame.

    In its centre and around its easily accessible districts are found old-style estaminets, modern brewpubs, neighbourhood bars and oddly themed ‘special’ cafés, each in their own way telling a part of the story of the city that lay on the most obvious fault line of the post-war divide.

    The fifth in the series of ‘Around in 80 Beers’ series differs from the rest in that its author Peter Sutcliffe uses his extensive knowledge of the city, its history and its beer world to lead the reader on a pub crawl of all the cultures.

    Peter Sutcliffe’s personal selection of 80 beer gardens, restaurants, brewery taps and old-fashioned boozers gives the reader a unique insight into a side of the German capital that even the locals will not always see.

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